Tips & Tricks to owning a small business in North Liberty, Iowa

Congratulations on embarking on the journey of starting your own small business in North Liberty! While it may seem like a big task, it’s also an exciting opportunity for you to create and build something truly special. As the head honcho, you’ll be responsible for everything, from finances to employees, but with a bit of guidance, you can make your business thrive in one of the fastest growing cities in Iowa. That’s where we come in!

My blog includes tips for business owners and my experience living in North Liberty. We cover topics like  online marketing, branding, and North Liberty in general. This is from my experience owning a web design & SEO company since 2021 We’re excited to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey and hope that my insights might help you take your small business to the next level in the North Liberty area.

Why North Liberty is a Great Place to Own a Business

Fastest Growing City in Iowa

North Liberty, Iowa has been named the fastest-growing city in Iowa according to the Census Bureau. The city’s population has doubled in the past decade, growing from 7,000 in 2010 to over 19,000 in 2020, an increase of 172 percent. This boom can be attributed to various factors, including a strong job market, low cost of living, and a welcoming community. I moved to North Liberty in 2020 because it was cheaper to live here instead of Iowa City while I finished up my undergrad. The city’s strategic location between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City makes it an attractive option for businesses, fresh college grads, and families alike. I have had multiple friends move to North Liberty since I have lived here and they love it!

Strategic Location

North Liberty is a small city located between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. It’s easily accessible from Interstate 380 and I-80 which makes it a convenient location to get to other places. It is about a 15-20 minute drive south to Downtown Iowa City and a 15-20 minute drive north to downtown Cedar Rapids. The population of the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area, commonly known as the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor, is approximately 400,000 people. Despite that, North Liberty still has a small-town feel where everyone is friendly and it fosters a strong sense of community. 

As a business owner, you notice that North Liberty is an upper-middle-class town with even more wealth coming into the city. This means there are a lot of resources to be spent & used. 

Tips for Business Owners

Focus on building connections: In a relatively small community (but growing fast) like North Liberty, networking and building relationships with other businesses and community leaders can be an invaluable asset. I always despised the word “Networking”  when my business professors at Tippie. However, I realized I could be authentic and be able to grow my network in the North Liberty area. I have found North Liberty to be more friendly & authentic than Iowa City.


Stay active online: Even if you primarily serve a local customer base, having a strong online presence can help raise brand awareness, attract potential customers, and provide a convenient way for people to find and contact you. They are multiple old-time businesses in North Liberty, that might not exist much longer because of their lack of online presence like not having a website or Google My Business Page. My business can fix that problem as I build & maintain websites and offer Search Engine Optimization. 


North Liberty Web Design


Even if you don’t use my services.



Offer exceptional customer service: In a small town, word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool for building a loyal customer base. Make sure you go above and beyond to ensure your customers feel valued and satisfied with their experience. North Liberty residents 


Be an active member of the community: Participating in community events, sponsored activities and help establish your business as a trusted, caring, and responsible member of the community. North Liberty has a lot of great community events every year such as the Blues & BBQ every July. Say “Hi” to the person walking on the trail or the worker at Fareway. People are generally friendly in North Liberty.

My Experience & Services

I hope you found this blog helpful, and insightful, or just got a better sense of North Liberty, Iowa in general. I am no guru or entrepreneurial wizard, I just love owning my small business in North Liberty and making friends at the same time.


Best of Luck with owning your own business or moving to North Liberty!

A well-designed website can be a valuable asset to a small business in North Liberty. A website can increase visibility, build credibility, and increase sales and conversions. An effective website also builds a strong online presence, making the business more discoverable through search engines. Additionally, websites offer a cost-effective method of marketing that can reach a wider audience than traditional advertising. By utilizing analytics, a website can provide insight into customer behavior and preferences, allowing small businesses to tailor their offerings to meet customer needs.

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