3 Powerful Activities That Help My Small Business Grow


By Logan C. (posted 6/14/24)

Running a small business requires a lot of dedication and strategic planning. My name is  Logan Charipar, the owner of Charipar Web Services in North Liberty, Iowa, I’ve found that certain activities significantly contribute to my business’s growth. In this blog, I’ll share these 3 activities that have been instrumental in keeping my business organized, expanding my knowledge base, and improving my efficiency. 

Owning a Planner

Having a planner has been one of the most effective tools in managing my business. This simple yet powerful activity helps me stay organized both on a weekly and daily basis. Every Monday, I sit down and write out my weekly goals. These are my priorities, and if I can accomplish them, I consider my week a success.

  • Weekly Goals: Setting priorities at the beginning of the week ensures that I stay focused on what matters most. These goals act as a roadmap, guiding me through the tasks that need the most attention.
  • Daily Activities: Each day, I list 2-5 activities that need to be completed. While I don’t always get through all of them, having a clear list helps me become more efficient and prioritize my tasks.
  • Non-Work Activities: To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I also include non-work-related tasks, such as cleaning and organizing the garage to keep my girlfriend happy:). This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of my life are organized, contributing to overall efficiency. I will include my workouts in there because it helps keep accountable.

Continuous Learning

In the ever-evolving fields of SEO, web design, and entrepreneurship, staying updated is crucial. I’ve found that investing in online courses and books by industry experts has significantly helped me grow as a business owner.

  • Industry Expertise: Whenever I feel stagnant, purchasing a new book or enrolling in an online course rejuvenates my knowledge and skills. This continuous learning helps me stay ahead of the curve and improve my services.
  • Free Resources: While investing in education is beneficial, there are also numerous free resources available. One of my favorite platforms is YouTube, where I follow Matt Diggity’s channel for trending SEO topics and strategies. His insights/tips have been precious in staying updated without any cost. 

Matt’s YouTube channel

Time Tracking & Systems

Tracking time spent on each project or client is another key activity that has improved my business processes. By analyzing the profit, revenue, and expenses on a month-to-month basis, I gain insights into the efficiency and profitability of my projects.

  • Time Management: Tracking my time on each project helps me understand where my efforts are going. This has made me more conscious of how I allocate my time and resources. For me, it is easy to spend hours on a task and not realize it is not worth my time and/or money. Although I have plenty of room to grow & improve my processes, this has been a good start for me.
  • Financial Analysis: By looking at the profit per hour for each client, I can determine which projects are worth pursuing and which ones might need to be priced differently. This financial insight helps me make informed decisions about future projects and pricing strategies. We all have our own biases but by being able to see statistics you eliminate those biases. These processes I have adopted/learned from Patrick Bet David, entrepreneur & online media personality. I read his book Choose Your Enemies Wisely & have been able to implement some of his business processes into Charipar Web Services.


How often should financial analysis be done for clients?


A monthly analysis of profit, revenue, and expenses per client is recommended to ensure ongoing profitability and efficiency. This should be the minimum, I’m still trying to get better at this and making the time for this type of work. It’s all about getting better for yourself which will help grow your company and provide better services for your clients. 


the combination of using a planner, engaging in continuous learning, and tracking time has greatly benefited my business. These activities have helped me stay organized, enhance my skills, and make informed decisions. I hope these insights are helpful to anyone looking to grow their small business. I’m continuously learning and striving to provide the highest quality services to my clients with the best customer support.

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